Experience Matters

Strengthen your foundation with high-touch fund administration
support from private equity professionals

Our roots in private equity run deep

As veterans in the field of private equity, we recognize the challenges and opportunities in today’s complex fund management environment. We know what keeps you up at night, because we’ve been there, too. We launched 4Pines to capitalize on our team’s unmatched experience to solve the most pressing challenges in modern fund administration. This expertise has equipped us to develop and deliver industry-leading solutions that are changing the fund admin landscape.

Fund administration is historically reactive

Ad hoc and disconnected solutions leave GPs unaware of their operating risks.

What is inefficiency costing your firm?

Time-consuming admin tasks increase operating costs and execution risk.

Who can you trust?

Understanding the value of partnership is key to a long-term fund administration relationship.

Is dated technology getting in the way?

Legacy systems and lack of integration keep you from getting the most out of your data.

4pines has a new vision for the industry

Fresh thinking and dynamic solutions from experienced private equity professionals.

Streamline operations, strengthen your organization

Outsource admin and reporting duties so you can focus more attention on running your business.

Choose PE partners with proven track records

Transparency, flexibility and responsiveness are fundamental to our corporate values.

Transform your technology platform

Our best-in-class tech solutions ensure that you receive accurate, real-time data & reporting.

By your side throughout the journey

We’re bringing the private equity relationship model to fund administration. Responsive, high-touch service from PE professionals stabilizes your foundation, so you can free up more bandwidth to focus on strategy. By getting to know you and your organization on a personal level, we’re able to uncover more ways to serve you, today and in the future.

Fund administration services

We’re taking fund administration to the next level. Sophisticated services and expert support help you achieve a sharper perspective to chart a clearer path forward.

Fund administration

Our client-centric approach and innovative technology solutions streamline your operations and help you make more informed business decisions.

Management company accounting

Full-suite accounting, reporting and forecasting generates a wealth of real-time, actionable data.

General partner accounting

Know exactly where your partners’ economics, projected cash flows and investment positions are at every moment of every day.


Exhaustive KYC and AML reviews mitigate risk by confirming that your clients adhere to proper vetting and ongoing due diligence processes.

New fund launch

Experienced personnel advise and manage critical aspects of your fund launch to ensure that the best service partners are chosen and best practices are adopted right from inception.

Cfo consulting

Provide practical and strategic advice to nascent private capital clients related to critical phases of your business, including operational planning, management and fund structuring, and technology solutions.

Let’s climb higher together

Modernize your back and middle office with career private equity professionals managing your administration & reporting.

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