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As career private equity professionals, we understand how fund administration fits into the bigger picture. Other fund administration companies offer canned solutions. We solve your underlying pain points by applying experience, insight and customized strategies to fit your needs without compromising your end objectives. We’re updating and upgrading the fund administration experience, so you get more out of your back-office. A “relationship-first” mentality plus state-of-the-art technology protect you from exposure and provide true partnership with people who speak your language and understand your priorities.

Our Technology is State of the Art

but it’s not what makes the difference

Many fear that technology will supplant people in the financial industry. On the contrary, I’ve learned over the years that tech, if used correctly, unlocks talents in people, freeing them up to focus on the creative and nuanced aspects of our industry.

Our fund managers value the transparency and services that our technology affords them. But they still pick up the phone and call us when they want to really talk about solutions. Relationships matter, like they always have, and that is a core tenet of our DNA.  

Our framework means seamless fund administration for fund managers who need and deserve services from a provider who doesn’t feel like a third party. GPs want administrators who can act as a true part of the internal team. The trust required to do that doesn’t come from fund administrators’ technology – it comes from relationships with our people. Private equity funds behave this way and the fund administrators who serve them should do the same. 


To provide premier private capital fund administration services through our commitment to building client-centric professional teams and an innovative technology platform dedicated to industry-leading solutions for our clients.


4Pines Fund Services is committed to providing to employees, clients and business partners a relationship founded on trust, reliability, a commitment to excellence, teamwork, open communication and accountability.


With a focus on emerging technologies and opportunities, we put an innovative spin on proven tactics.


Decades of experience in private equity have given us real-world perspective on the challenges that impact fund administration.


Details matter. We are meticulous about our accounting, reporting and compliance responsibilities, so you never worry about inaccurate or incomplete data.


We do more than just meet your immediate needs. Unlike many fund administration firms, we go above and beyond to solve your accounting, reporting and compliance challenges.


Business can change in an instant. We provide accurate, reliable metrics when you need them, thus supporting your confident decision-making.


Aging or retrofitted technologies limit your ability to serve your partners and manage your business, both today and in the future. Our advanced technology platform is reliable and responsive.


Complacency creates stagnation, so we never settle for status quo. We are always seeking smarter, more productive ways to serve you and your partners.


Our leadership team brings unmatched private equity experience to the fund administration space. Discover how our professional experience helps us set a new industry standard.

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