Control costs. Conquer inefficiency.

What is data wrangling on Excel spreadsheets and aging CRM platforms costing your firm? Your time and resources are better spent elsewhere. Our advanced technology platform removes the runaround, freeing you up to focus on the messages your data are trying to convey. 4Pines’ advanced tech platform features customized fund reporting, 24/7 cloud-based client and investor portals, waterfall modeling tools, underlying investment data collection and more in a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require additional investment to install, integrate or maintain.

The antidote to risk? Increased transparency.

Real-time access to your data is crucial to intelligent, strategic decision-making. Dated or inappropriate software can cause bottlenecks that limit your access to accurate financial intelligence. We’ve solved many of these common challenges by centering our service around a leading-edge software solution built on secure, real-time data access and workflow tools. Bolstered by this robust reporting and accounting platform, we’re able to respond to requests quickly and conform to your needs more seamlessly.


Our powerful platform and hands-on approach to client service puts you back in control of your data.

Client portal

Access to secure cloud-based portal with interactive tools for data and operational transparency, including audit trails.

Investor portal

Limited partner portal for secure delivery of reports, documents and other information based on the client’s needs.

Real-time reporting

Run reports on your current and historical data with the ability to drill down to the underlying journal entries.

Waterfall modeling tool

We create and manage your complex waterfall models and allow you to perform what-if analyses.

Data collection and reconciliation

Automate data collection, validation and processing, and link source materials to accounting transactions.

Look-through reporting

Drill-down on system reports to the individual transactions and source materials. Look-through your investment structures to the underlying investment details.

Let’s climb higher together

Modernize your back and middle office by partnering with career private equity professionals to manage your administration and reporting.

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