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Our High-Touch Service Model Sets Us Apart

In the course of daily operations, you simply can’t afford to hesitate or base real-time decisions on business intelligence arriving late in the game. We launched 4Pines to put a new spin on the way fund administration services are delivered. By providing the same client-first mentality that makes leading private equity firms stand out, we’re here to help you take rapid, decisive action based on reliable financial information. Our deep experience, flexibility and big-picture perspective deliver true and lasting partnership.


Reduce inefficiency, increase accuracy and improve decision-making with a hands-on fund administration partner who understands your priorities.

To us, “partnership” is more than a buzzword – it’s the backbone of our business model. Our client-centric professional teams and innovative technology platform adapt to your needs and deliver on your objectives. By taking an active role in understanding the past, present and desired future state of your organization, we tailor proven fund administration services to meet your needs and keep pace with your business. As experienced PE professionals, we recognize strong relationships are essential to healthy growth. 4Pines is here to provide both.

  • Manage or support annual audits
  • Customized reporting and key KPIs, including real time access to your data
  • Journal entry, general ledger and trial balance maintenance
  • Cash management: review, reconcile and record transactions
  • Annual/quarterly work papers and reconciliations
  • Investment roll-forwards
  • Accrual reconciliations, including PIK, OID and other investment-related items
  • Capital account preparation and maintenance
  • Financial statement production
  • Manage waterfall calculations and process
  • Oversee capital call and distribution process
  • Management fee calculations and processing
  • Gross and net IRR calculations
  • Detailed commitment tracking
  • Investment summaries
  • Credit facility administration
  • Expense reporting
  • Client communications, including monitoring and ongoing servicing
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Make sure the day-to-day runs smoothly by offloading time-consuming back office tasks to an experienced team of accountants and advisors.

Managing your company’s accounting in-house increases your overhead while providing limited return. By outsourcing crucial but burdensome administrative tasks to experienced professionals, your teams can direct their focus toward high-value activities. Our experienced PE professionals possess a unique perspective on accounting support for fund managers: we’ve been in your shoes, so we know what matters to you. Our proactive approach to service centers around flexibility, attention and responsiveness. Supported by sophisticated technology that conforms to your workflow and reporting standards, we’ll handle the accounts so you can focus on the rest.

  • Audit and tax support
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Accounts payable/accounts receivable
  • Regulatory reporting support
  • Period-end journal entries
  • Reconciliations (including inter-company)
  • Partner allocations
  • Cash flash report
  • Payables/vendor report
  • Payroll and benefits provider research
  • Policy set-up and maintenance
  • Prepare outgoing cash settlements
  • Prepare 1099s


Maximize your firm’s efficiency and resources by taking advantage of an experienced outside perspective. We deliver vital reporting, modeling, KPIs and technology solutions that are often lacking.

We’ve solved common GP accounting pitfalls by structuring our services around the same high-touch model we practiced while working in private equity. Complex profit distribution, exhaustive back-end research, configurable reports and reliable modeling all enable you to leave time-consuming work-arounds behind and get back to business.

  • Waterfall modeling, including what-if analysis
  • Financial forecast and projections
  • Prepare and oversee key KPIs
  • Investment roll-forwards & summaries
  • Capital account preparation and maintenance
  • Manage waterfall calculations and process
  • Oversee capital call and distribution process
  • Management fee calculations and processing
  • Detailed commitment tracking
  • Credit facility administration
  • Expense reporting


Verifying the integrity of the partners in your fund is becoming more complex. In today’s high-stakes environment, we’ll make sure your bases are covered.

Increased scrutiny from regulators places the burden of knowing your customers squarely on your firm’s shoulders. Tightening KYC and AML requirements may stretch your internal resources and slow your fund’s timeline to launch. We take a rigorous approach to vetting limited partners to shield your firm from exposure due to bad actors. Outsource initial and ongoing compliance support to experts in private equity who understand the exact liability risks and compliance pressures facing your organization. Launch new funds with confidence and protect your existing assets. We’ll make sure it’s done right.

  • Review subscription documents, ensuring completeness and accuracy
  • Communicate with investors to provide guidance and clarification on missing or incorrect information
  • Verify investor tax status
  • Screen investors against Global Sanctions List, OFAC, PEP and ongoing negative news monitoring
  • Obtain and validate required KYC documents and store documents on our secure environment
  • Provide a report on completeness, compliance and overall risk assessment
  • Limited Partner on-boarding
  • Perpetual investor monitoring during the lifetime of the fund
  • Periodic reporting on potential compliance issues


With our proprietary system, we create an on-line modern journey for investors to complete subscription documents.

4Pines has a solution to an old problem of manual, labor intensive subscription document processing. With our proprietary system, we create an on-line modern journey for investors to complete subscription documents. Validation cues simplify documents and reduce errors. Follow-up time to address mistakes and missing information is greatly reduced. Professionals are freed up for higher value work.                                                 

All subscription data is housed in a detailed, easy to digest file in a choice of formats, creating an up-to-date view of investor information from first to final close. Using the extracted data, 4Pines streamlines the AML/KYC process. Our experienced professionals review and authenticate submitted documents.

  • Digitize and centralize data
  • Provide easy intelligent form fills that eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Review subscription documents in real time, ensuring completeness and accuracy
  • Fully integrate with 4Pines complete compliance and AML/KYC Services
  • Obtain and validate required KYC and AML documents and store documents on our secure environment
  • Provide dashboard on completeness, compliance and risk


Avoid service gaps, launch delays or interruptions to raising or managing capital by partnering with trusted advisors who ensure you have a comprehensive strategy in place.

New funds require correct implementation of dozens of critical components before, during and immediately after launch. Established funds require continuity and efficient execution. Drop the ball and you risk jeopardizing your position and reputation as you aim to launch or sustain your firm. Our team of experienced PE professionals possess a long history of overseeing the successful launch of new and emerging funds, and providing oversight for established funds. We understand the myriad factors that can make or break your fund launch, and your fund’s success. Don’t get tripped up in the details. Offload the burden of managing minutiae by working with a team of professional advisors who have been where you are.

  • Interim CFO consulting
  • Coordinate advisers and service providers
  • Fund documentation review, including PPMs, LPAs, subscription documents and LP side letters
  • Custodian account opening
  • Internal systems and processes implementation
  • Payroll, benefits and HR set-up
  • Website development referral
  • Due diligence support for prospective limited partners
  • Guidance around internal finance team needs and hiring
  • Budget support and forecasting
  • Ongoing access to former PE CFOs
  • Policy and procedures support
  • Fund reporting templates and guidance
  • Firm economics, forecasting and projections
  • Provide support for valuation process

Let’s climb higher together

Modernize your back and middle office by partnering with career private equity professionals to manage your administration and reporting.


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