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Welcome to 4Pines Fund Services

Hi everyone!! My name is Mike Trinkaus and I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of 4Pines Fund Services. Before I go into who and what we are at 4Pines, I’ll preface this first post with I’ve never “blogged” before now, so please forgive any rudimentary / obvious mistakes that an experienced blogger might otherwise avoid. We’re all experiencing unprecedented times and adapting both personally and professionally, so chalk this up as one of those “growing” moments for me.

First and foremost, I hope everyone has been well and safe as we figure out the best way to move forward in the most effective and efficient ways. We’ve been very busy during our pre-launch phase at 4Pines with on-boarding our management team and outlining our company framework and strategic goals / advantages we’re bringing to the private capital industry.

Our current management team is a mix of fund admin and private equity professionals along with strong technology and FinTech professionals that forms an extremely talented and accomplished management team. As one of the co-founders, we carefully selected each executive and could not be more excited to watch them work their magic as we build 4Pines. I strongly encourage everyone to click on our “About” page of our website to learn more about each person. Teaser alert; we’re also very close to adding a few more amazingly talented executives so stay tuned for an announcement coming in September!! The momentum we have building our team is exciting and speaks volumes to our forward-thinking strategic vision we have for our company and the fund admin industry.

Speaking of our vision, there are certain aspects of the 4Pines vision that fit the tried and true approach to business, though not always apparent in the fund admin space. We strongly believe that direct private equity experience (and I use that term loosely so as to not exclude venture, fund of funds, debt, etc…) on the fund admin side of the ledger is critical to offering a partnership, solutions-driven approach to our clients. We’re able to leverage our years of PE experience to offer effective (just said leverage) solutions that resonate with seasoned PE executives. We strongly believe in this approach and it is core to our company fabric and operating model.

Regarding technology, there are many lessons we have all learned over the years and central to our vision is a forward-thinking strategy that will address the issues for today as well as anticipating future issues. Our executive team is uniquely positioned under the leadership of our CTO, Bob Balfe, to build and offer a technology stack for our clients that’s innovative and data solutions driven. Our best of breed approach to each area of the business along with our ability to build when needed will truly differentiate 4 Pines. Standardizing on the Azure platform, the Microsoft suite, and our best of breed vendors will enable us to leapfrog the competition.

At the risk of overdoing it on my first foray into the blogging world, I’ll wrap this up by saying we’re incredibly excited about our launch, and I’m very much looking forward to connecting with everyone in the near future. Please stay on the lookout for a few exciting announcements we’ll have in September. If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask questions or reach out to me directly at

Stay safe and talk soon,